Anonymous ME

I have something to disclose today. A secret that has been kept in for so long.

You know all those phenomenal quotes, essays and articles you’ve read over the years with no attribution other than “Anonymous”. It was all me. I know you are surprised but it’s true. I have written thousands of pages but I’ve never signed my name to it . I couldn’t. I mean — when I’m writing I just came become one with my words and flow in my art. Like a stream of water. In fact, I was in such a state of mind when these worldly wisdom appeared, there wasn’t even a “me” involved, it was all nature, so how could I sign my name? And it’s not just the case with me. In the same manner, have you ever wondered how a lollipop ended up on its stick? The innovator was just lost in sugar and never claimed his masterpiece of an innovation.

So lost in the moment I did the only thing I could do, was to sign on all what I wrote with the most familiarity — “Anonymous”.

Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t want to make any fuss, nor do I regrets about my selflessness. It felt right at that time. But now, with another year and a half of car EMI to pay for my fabulous intelligent partner, it’s starting to make sense that I claim what was always rightfully mine. How long can Satoshi Nakamo remain anonymous ?

So after coming to consensus with the advices of my pundits, numerologists, and intellectual property lawyers, I’ve arrived at an approach that is not only honourable and fair, but flawless and timely like Bitcoins.

I am pleased to declare that you, dear reader, get to play a key role going forward and plus that will take you less time than ordering a take-out dinner or if you are rich then buying a bitcoin. Now past is gone and I am claiming no royalties for what you read from my past writings, though many of which, by the way, went on to become blockbuster movies, novels, super-hit songs , and refrigerator magnets, I think it’s only fair to request that every time, henceforth, you encounter anything attributed to “Anonymous” you send the royalty fee to my account. Plus my work is with absolutely no carbon footprint nor were any animals harmed during any of my writing processes, so you are in a way supporting Mother Nature.

Call it modesty or humility, that some of us innovators never patented our masterpiece. Innovation like these are something that no one could think of — from lollipop with a stick to bendable straws to reforms the world. Since the start of civilisation there has been many life altering innovations that has build the modern life that we have today. Even the paper currency that you will send after reading this article is also a part of some mastermind’s deep thinking and innovation.

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